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Celebrating: A New Writer

That’s me, Catherine Maiorisi. Well, I’m not really a new writer, just a newly published writer. And even that statement is not correct because while Matters of the Heart (Here) is my first full length novel, I have had romance and mystery short stories published (Here).

As you may know, Matters of the Heart is a romance. But you may not know, I’m relatively new to the genre, both as a writer and a reader. It happened by accident when I wrote a short story as an exercise to develop the backstory of the romantic interest in my Chiara Corelli mysteries.The story turned out to be a romance and was published in the Best Lesbian Romance of 2014.

That short story, “The Fan Club,” sparked my interest in lesbian romance and, as is my way, I began to read voraciously to educate myself.  I quickly gravitated to authors like KG McGregor, Georgia Beers, Karin Kallmaker, Carson Taite, and Gerri Hill for the quality of their writing, characters, and plotting. I’ve since found many other authors whose work I appreciate.  On average, I  read about four lesbian romances a week and I learn more about the craft every day.

In the meantime, I have continued to write and publish. My $1.99 standalone eStory Come As You Want to Be can only be found at bellabooks.com. Another short story, “You Will See A Stranger” is included in Happily Ever After, a Bella anthology of romantic stories written by twenty-three Bella authors. And my second romance, No One But You, will be published by Bella Books in March 2017.

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