The Disappearance of Lindy James

Lindy James is hearing voices. And her new religious friends claim Quincy Adams, her wife of six years, is Satan in disguise. They also say her marriage is a sin and warn she and their two daughters will burn in hell for eternity if she doesn’t leave Quincy. 

Working a second job to earn enough to buy their dream house, Quincy is rarely around to notice Lindy’s behavior. By the time she does notice, Lindy’s new friends spirit her and the girls away to an isolated religious community in Arizona.

While Quincy searches frantically for her family, a female doctor at the community treats Lindy.  As she slowly returns to herself Lindy begins to really see the community. She is horrified. Rather than saving herself and her daughters, she’s brought them to a kind of hell.

Then Lindy is given an ultimatum. Marry a man in the community and hope he’ll let her take her daughters. Or leave. Without her daughters.

She panics. There must be another way. 

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