Ready for Love

After watching Darcy, the woman she’s professed to love for more than twenty years, marry someone else, Renee Rousseau vows to free herself of the unrequited love before she and her friends meet the married couple in Paris. In ten weeks. 

But the universe has a strange sense of humor. As Renee begins to explore her relationship with Darcy, she encounters Lady Constance Martindale at a gala fundraiser. Sixteen years ago they’d agreed to a casual, time-limited relationship and when it turned to love, they both panicked. Constance is the only woman other than Darcy who Renee imagined a future with and the only woman of the hundreds Renee has slept with who dumped Renee before Renee could dump her. Now Renee wonders whether it was Constance she loved all along, not Darcy.

Sixteen years is a lifetime. Can Renee and Constance overcome their fears, renew the passion and deal with the changes in their lives?  Are they ready for love?

Bella Books