No One But You


Playgirl Robin DiLuca is surrounded by friends and admirers as she celebrates taking her company public, but she can’t keep her eyes off the sultry blond stranger across the crowded lesbian bar.

Author Lily Alexander is out for the first time since being jilted at the altar. Though she is struggling to pay attention to her self-involved blind date, her eyes are drawn to the exuberant butch in a tuxedo at the center of a celebration across the room.

Robin sends champagne to Lily’s table, their eyes lock, then Robin lifts her glass and blows a kiss. Lily responds in kind. An instant connection is made but then Robin is distracted by the arrival of guests and Lily’s date declares she can’t hear herself talk. Ever polite, Lily leaves with her.

Each returns to the bar hoping to find the other. They meet. Sparks fly. Robin is drama phobic and doesn’t do commitment; her goal is sex with Lily. Lily wants them to date and get to know each other before making love.

Dating means  messy breakups to Robin, so Lily writes a contract promising to let Robin go without hysterics if she decides to leave. They agree to date, then move on to dancing and flirting. The game is on.

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