A Matter of Blood


Immediately after returning from her second tour in Iraq, DETECTIVE CHIARA CORELLI agrees to go undercover to expose a ring of dirty cops. Three months later, ordered to kill to prove her loyalty, she aborts the operation without having identified all the members or any of the top echelon of the group, Righteous Partners. Now, she’s the one exposed. And, the men and women in blue are ostracizing her so she can’t trust them to watch her back.

Recently promoted to detective for bravery in the field, DETECTIVE PENELOPE JASMINE PARKER, the daughter of the most vicious and public critic of the NYPD, is viewed with suspicion by colleagues. Parker wants homicide. She wants to learn from the best. And Corelli is the best. But she’s also the most hated detective in the department. Parker is already an outcast. She’d have to be crazy to voluntarily work with Corelli and be ostracized with her. Wouldn’t she?

Corelli will sit behind a desk unless she works with Parker. But can she trust Parker? Corelli is Parker’s only chance at homicide. But can work with the obnoxious detective?

Reluctantly, Corelli and Parker team up to investigate the murder of Connie Winter, a Wall Street business woman bludgeoned to death in her office.