Legacy in the Blood

NYPD Detectives Chiara Corelli and P.J. Parker catch the murder of man found dead in a park. What at first appears to be a straight-forward murder investigation gets more complicated when they identify him as Ned Rich, a somewhat paranoid investigative reporter living above his means. 

The more they dig, the more victims of Rich’s blackmail they find.  And figuring out which one killed him seems like an impossible task. But then they stumble on the project 

Rich was working on at the time of his death—a not so white supremacist and a threat to our democracy—and the focus of the investigation turns to people who will do anything to protect their reputations and the secrecy of their traitorous goals. 

Undeterred by the threats and attacks, Corelli and Parker battle to drag the traitors into the light—and put their lives on the line to defend all they believe in.

Bella Books