You Will See a Stranger

Happily Ever After, Catherine Maiorisi, Karin Kallmaker, KG McGregor, Ann Roberts, Dillon Watson, Jaime Clevenger, Michaela Lynn, Melissa Price,Erica Abbot, Robbi McCoy, Laina Villeneuve, Lise MacTague, Gerri Hill, Jessie Chandler,Tracey Richardson, S.M. Harding, RJ Layer, Riley Scott, Pol Robinson, Sheryl Wright, MB Panichi, Becky Harmon, Jenna Rae

Happily Ever After

The terrorist attack that took Clare’s eighteen year old daughter and destroyed her faith in God, also ripped away her resolve to ignore her attraction to women.

Then Clare spends a night of love-making and connection with a gentle, caring woman.


Available in Happily Ever After, a Bella Books Anthology which also includes short stories by the following Bella authors.

Karin Kallmaker • Gerri Hill • KG MacGregor • Catherine Maiorisi • RJ Layer • Ann Roberts • Robbi McCoy • Tracey Richardson • Jaime Clevenger
Dillon Watson • Erica Abbott • Jessie Chandler • Pol Robinson •Lise MacTague • Laina Villeneuve  • Riley Scott • MB Panichi • Micheala Lynn • Melissa Price • Sheryl Wright • S.M. Harding • Becky Harmon • Jenna Rae


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