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Reviewed by A.L. Brooks on 21-July-2016

I’m a sucker for a slow-burning romance, and this one nicely hit that spot. As is made clear in the introduction, it’s Maiorisi’s first attempt at a full-length romance – previously she has been known for murder mysteries. If she wants to continue in this genre, she’s off to a great start.

Darcy Silver is recovering from a serious car accident that has left her bed-bound and in one hell of a bad mood. Dr. Andrea Trapani, escaping some demons from her previous role as an emergency room doctor, agrees to take on the job of day-to-day care of the recovering Darcy. Their first meeting is less than auspicious – make no mistake about it, Darcy is a bitch from the get-go. She is so obnoxious it took a while for me to have any sympathy for her. But, of course, good writing and pacing meant that her story was cleverly revealed in appropriately-sized chunks, and once it was, my heart went out to her. Betrayed by the woman she considered her best friend, she’s been left alone and adrift. Her fear of being alone is what causes her to put up such an awful front, and it’s something that Andrea sees through fairly quickly, bringing her a level of respect from Darcy that enables them to develop a close friendship. The story switches between both main characters’ points of view, so I got a good understanding of what makes each of them tick.

The interaction between the two women is lovely. Andrea, despite her inner feelings for Darcy, tries to keep her professional persona in place as long as she can. But it’s a struggle for her, especially when Darcy makes it very obvious she’d be very happy to take their relationship to the next level just as soon as she is physically able. The chemistry between them is wonderful, but Maiorisi plays on both their fears to draw out the romantic and sexual tension for a good portion of the book. Andrea’s story takes longer to reveal, but again it’s paced just right, and I learned about it at a crucial point in Darcy’s recovery and their journey. There’s also an intriguing little twist right toward the end that adds another layer to their burgeoning physical relationship, and that’s well written too.

The main story is backed up by a gorgeous collection of secondary characters. Having scared off most nurses who came to look after her, Darcy has no such luck with getting rid of Francine, who turns out to be a great friend. A gaggle of friends from her past, mostly ex-girlfriends, all rally round Darcy at her darkest moment, and the scenes involving this lovely group of women are really heart-warming. Darcy is also ably assisted – and loved – by her staff, and their back story is a delightful surprise. Andrea, in turn, has two close friends who are more than willing to drop everything to come to her aid in her moments of crisis. They play an integral role in enabling Andrea to see her true feelings for Darcy, and it’s a beautifully touching scene when it happens.

I really enjoyed this novel. It was easy to read, with a lovely story, good flow, and great character development. Just what I need from a proper romance

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