Reader Reviews

Here are a few five star reviews from readers:

“Just finished Matters of the Heart. It’s a moving, funny, intense and wonderful story. There’s a lightness that makes one float and the tension to make one want to know what’s next. Love Darcy and Andrea. The question is always will they break through their fears. Love the sexual tension, play on words and the double entendres that run through the story. Great read. Thanks for writing such a wonderful, heartwarming and loving book.”

“This heartwarming and super romance will leave you wishing for more. The twists and turns are remarkably done. The humor and the dialogues are hysterical. I wanted to skip pages because I was so eager to know how their story would end. I recommend it highly. You’ll love this book.”

“Subject matter was wonderful, two women meet, both with troubling pasts. Their story is how they help each other and themselves. Thank you, Catherine Maiorisi, for sharing your heart.”

“Nice storyline and it flowed great! I couldn’t put it down.”